Monday, June 24, 2002

It's semi-official: Jenn's got me hooked on a Country Band. Rascal Flatts. I quoted them once on here already, "I'm movin' on"...or, according to the way it copied onto my blog, "I?m movin? on".

This time my interest is peaked by a motherfuckin' love case it's not clear, I resent this. But I love the song. Fuck.

"Tell me you've had trouble sleeping
That you toss and turn from side to side
That it's my face you've been seeingIn your dreams at night
Tell me that you wake up crying
And you're not sure exactly why
Tell me that something is missing
In your life
In your life

Tell me that you live for love
That forever is never enough
That you waited all your life to see
That you want so badly to believe
Tell me that it's not just me."

I think I like it because it's true. I try like hell not to believe in true love, not to think that two people are ever meant for each other, but sometimes I'm lead to wonder- do I think that because I honestly think that, or because I want to, because I'm deathly afraid of the possibility that true love exists at all, or worse, it exists for me, or much worse, it exists for everyone but me. And then I get to wondering if that's really what I want, or if deep down I badly to believe.

*Shrugs* Feminine philosophizing. Gets old quick.

Nick and I are talking right now. It's been entirely too long. We're going to make plans soon. This is good. I'll dwell on this, instead of on that crappy love stuff.

To quote Anita liberty (probably only somewhat accurately): "Love can eat me for a long time and like it."

On with it.