Tuesday, December 21, 2004

"Tue December 21 3:10:50 EST 2004

no time for hate, unless you do something worth such emotion.
just scared.
those photos scarred me for life."

~Nak, from Ian's Pit, the bastard child of Frank's Pit

I can't be sure what he's talking about, but chances are they're the slightly, uh, nude pictures of me formally posted on the pictures section of this site, now dead and gone in a burst of pre-new-years cleansing. Seems to me now that was way too much a plea for attention, and, from now on, I'll save the naked pictures for those who actually want to see them, instead of for the sake of shocking ex-teachers, etc. All naked pictures requests will now be processed by mgmt.

Imagine that. Constructive criticism from the pit. Thanks, Nak.

So let's start thinking about resolutions. December seems to have been my big month for experiencing/accomplishing new things, having been fired and in a (minor) car accident towards the beginning, performed my poetry live (and for TV) at the Lisbon Teen Center Coffee House (an altogether unsatisfying experience) in the middle, and just now gotten in some practice pressing the "delete this blog?" button. Also, finally getting around to changing the name of this place, and took my first college exam(s). Not an altogether bad month, and we haven't even gotten to Christmas yet.

Of course, the quality of my writing seems to have taken a steep decline, but that, I suppose, will work itself out. I'd get more practice writing if I had a computer that wasn't as slow as the leader of our fair country and an internet connection to match. Maybe if my job at iWorx prooves profitable, Zack and I will get ourselves a nice desktop and a cable connection. And I have added a half-page to the Tracy/Trish story since I sent it off to Casey for review...but he won't get to see that until he sends back what I already sent him, hint hint.

It seems to me that my posts are becoming more and more like newspaper articles, with all the pertinent (or, in this case, halfway interesting) information in the first paragraph or so, and the rest just sort of rambles on to make the posts look long and impressive. They do this in the newspaper so that the editor can lop off an article at any point to fit the space he has, and still have all the important details. My posts, like this, can just be cut off any.

(on with it)