Sunday, October 11, 2009

Okay, so, I wish those widgets weren't stacked on top of each other like that, but my desire for justice and equality is very slightly stronger than my desire for neat and tidy presentation. So, those are the links to sign the petitions for the mentioned LGBT issues, but on each of them, I would also strongly suggest you send an e-mail of your own to your representatives. With DOMA, which I think may be the most important issue on the list, I would suggest visiting to do so, they have a lovely convio-powered form that will allow you to automatically send your message to the relevant parties. This is a little trickier with the fight to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell-- the only site I found with a convio-powered form to do that is that of the Log Cabin Republicans. Don't be scared off by the name, my liberal friends-- the log cabin republicans are a group of republicans that lobby just on behalf of LGBT issues, and filling out the form will not send a letter with any secret conservative agenda-- it's just a very simple way to get in contact with the correct people about Don't Ask, Don't tell. The HRC has apparently also started, which I have just now discovered-- again, convenient, convio-powered for telling your representatives that you'd like to see legislation pass which would prevent people across the USA from being fired because they're gay.

Not a lot of time to write, and not feeling particularly motivated to, but I have to say that I was very moved by the president's speech to the HRC tonight. I know a lot of people out there in the gay community think that it was all just beautiful speech with no action-- I gotta tell you, I think they're underestimating the importance and power of beautiful speech. I'm proud to have a president who is willing to get up and say unequivocally how he thinks the LGBT community is equal and should be treated as such, and this kind of verbal leadership rallies the masses-- those of you out there complaining about his lack of action, take a note from another beautiful speaker and ask what you can do for your country. Many of you have already taken action, but can you do more?

On top of which, the president made some very valid points about how the issues he is working on every day are issues that pertain to all Americans, including the LGBT community. Okay, yes, I know that this probably seemed to the wary listening like he was just putting off the needs of the community, but he wasn't vague or indecisive about his intent to undo Don't Ask, Don't Tell, his support of efforts to repeal DOMA, his desire to see ENDA signed into law. Let's keep in mind, most of these are things that the president, himself, cannot actually do-- these are things that he can work with congress on, that he can voice his support of, that he can make priorities. But we have three branches of this government for a reason, and that makes it impossible for him to right all the wrongs with one swift movement. Congress has to be involved, and that means we have to get involved.

Send the letters. Sign the petitions. Tell your friends and families to do the same-- if you're like me (and married), you just sign all these things twice-- once with your own name, once with your spouse's. (No, I'm not trying to disenfranchise my husband. They're plenty of things we disagree on politically, but he's given me a blanket permission slip to act as him in LGBT issues.)

Anyway. Maybe take a moment to let the man's beautiful words sink in, to be motivated, and to do what this very small series of things, potentially to make a very big difference. Maybe take a moment to breath, remember that thi isn't the Bush administration anymore, count your blessings, and give the man with the silver tongue some trust, at least until he's given you a real reason not to. If he's working a little too slowly for some of your tastes, well, I'd rather see him blossom slowly than completely fuck it up, and then be defeated by a Republican in the next election. This upcoming decade is way too important for that.

Okay, maybe I was *a little* inclined to write. On with it.