Tuesday, October 01, 2002


Hehe, I can't believe how much quality conversation I must have missed out on in months and months of not talking to Andrew. Quote of the day tonight- talking about Zack's potentially shooting up the school. (No Mr. Nunnery, it's NOT really going to happen, *wink, wink*)

ANDREW: Most likely he would bring something crappy to kill everybody with , like a 38 special, and the gun would expliode in his hand, taking off his thumb and index finger. *Silence* Poetic justice Linda, poetic justice.
LINDA: How is that poetic justice?
ANDREW: It's funny when people's fingers get blown off.

I love that kid.

But the shoote- uh, Zack, is here, so I'm out. Wow, I'm not even slightly amusing anymore. Forgive me.

On with it.