Monday, April 14, 2003

I'm going to fucking CRY. I worked so hard on my post, oh my god, it was...fuck blogger, that's the last fucking straw, what the hell? I took an hour, I was making metaphors about my fucking life, I was coming up with all this beautiful bullshit, and it didn't mean a thing, but it meant everything, and I'm talking as I'm saying all this shit, because I loved that post, and it was for Zack, and I miss him, and it's too late, and it's too tragic, and I want my post back, oh god.....I'm fucking sobbing here, this is such fucking bullshit, how can a computer glitch just take away something like that? I worked fucking hard at thinking so goddamned much about what everything was because it was coming up so nicely, and I was looking forward to showing that part of me to people, I hate blogger, I haven't been upset this way in a while, I want to fucking break things, I keep envisioning myself pouding against the chest of someone who's holding me as I'm sobbing to them, goddamn it, why why why why why why why did it eat my post? FUCK BLOGGER, why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why? why?