Friday, August 02, 2002

Slowly, I will mold this to the whims of my template-ness. For now, just that upper graphic pretty much exemplifies how I feel about fixing and tweaking and programming this damn thing. Still, I thought I'd take a minute to make this appear like something and throw a bone to those of you who still read this. (Hi Emily!!!!)

For those of you out there in TV land who don't know what's been going on with me: Working a lot lately. Burger fucKing. God, I love it.

"Let's just say it moved me. INTO A BIGGER HOUSE."

That's a simpsons reference and even I don't know if it makes since in the context I was trying to make it make sense with. However, I do know that I'm listening to Runaway Train, a song that reminds me of Jeremey and that I miss making senseless Simpsons quotes at possibly innappropriate times and having them just work. Big fucking surprise, right?

Person One: Hey, Linda's site is finally back!
Person Two: It was gone?
Person One: Yeah! But it's back now, with lot's of changes.
Person Two: What's she writing about?
Person One: She misses Jeremey.
Person Two: Oh yeah, LOTS of changes. I'm gonna go jerk off.

The dangerous thing to assume in that scenario: That two people, without the inclusion of me, would ever bother having a conversation about my site. Or that there are still two people on earth that remember it exist.

I recently stuck a quote from Runaway Train in an e-mail to Zack-- Zack, who I have been e-mailing on a daily basis, and talking to on an almost daily basis, and etc. on an etc. basis....point being, aside from work, Zack's basically been what's up lately...sure, there's still all those other people, and they're well deserving of mention...but, by my calculation, Zack should be getting off work in about five minutes, so I'm gonna go catch him.

We'll get into all of this more later....I promise. I STILL LOVE YOU, READERS! (HI EMILY!!!!)

On with it.