Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Just Stand Up

You have to decide.
Do you want to live your life?
Do you want to lay here?

Do you want to overcome, or do you want to be overcome?

Your first step is to decide.

I know part of you only wants to drown. I know that. I know how peaceful it sounds.

But it’s not peaceful for the ones you left on shore. It’s not peaceful for the families of those who get swept away.

There are people who would form search parties for you. There are people who would drag the river praying not to find your body.

You want to drown for you. But you have to fight the current for them. 

There are bodies that are never found.  There are people who lost the fight. There is a child in the Androscoggin River tonight who will never make it back to his family, because he was not strong enough to fight.

But you, you are stronger than this. And you have your own children. And they have a mother. 

And she is broken. And she does not want to swim. Not for herself.

But she owes it to them.

You’ve decided before that you weren’t living for yourself. You can do it again. You’ve made commitments. There are people on the shore.

Swim back to them. 

Your first step is to decide. 

On with it.