Saturday, January 21, 2006

The bitch of committing to lose weight is that the basic formula is:

Saying "No" to what you really want to eat + Saying "Yes" to the work-outs you really don't want to do x ...motherfucker. "Symbol" is the only font that has an infinity symbol, and you can't use symbol in blogger. Damn damn double damn.

^See that unfittingly extreme burst of frustration there? A pleasant side effect of the "Thinner and a Winner!" lifestyle. Now I know why models never smile.

Well, that and the fact that women are only sexy when they're being abused and oppressed by soceity at large.

Don't listen to them when they tell you that exercise will make you sleep easier and feel better. That eating right (well, right-er) gives you a feeling of satisfaction that lasts throughout the day. That the vending machine will burst out in a round of applause for you should you select "Baked Lays". The only good thing about losing weight is the actual weight loss.

And, that said, Red Green has an announcement for you: Having hovered in the vicinity of 170 (or less) for a few weeks now, I feel it is now safe to say I have officially lost ten pounds.

You may show your support by buying me a penguin.

On with it.