Thursday, March 21, 2002

In desktop publishing, I have given up my place at a beautiful, brand-new dell super computer (that made me feel all orgasmically tingly last class just sitting near it) so I can, instead, sit next to Jesse.....who, to be fair, used to make me feel orgasmically tingly in, like, eighth grade.

He's reading this as I type it. Hi, Jesse!


Can't post yesterday's quote of the day, because no one would get it except Jenn and one other person, suffice to say that it happened in shop and save...excuse me, "Hannaford", and Jenn and I both struggled to remain standing afterwards. (I'm typing extremely slowly now because Jesse keeps making fun of the amount of typos. He's a bastahd. -THAT, by the way, is not a typo, it's how I pronounce the word "bastard") But today's first nominee is from the Pit, as it happens:

"maybe everyone masterbates everywhere all the time" ~Phoenix

Even with the mispelling of "masturbation", which I believe is the most common mispelling in the English languagem this quote elates me. Props to Pheonix.

The three quote of the day nominees for Tuesday take a little explaining, and with the five minutes that are left in desktop publishing, I do not have time....they're classics, so I swear I'll post them eventually (as well as that Chad's animal magnetism post I wrote at home and mentioned, like four days ago) Jesse, sitting next to me, has taken to saying shit about Nick. This, however, is sort of parallel to certain things that Nick has said in the past about Jesse, but this isn't preventing me from the promise that I am, in fact going to kick the shit out of Jesse after school.

I will defend my faithful little puppy dog's honor. (still love ya, Nick)

My name is Linda and I am going to make Jesse BLEED (even if he does have Mono). On with it.

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

"Girl, before I met you
I was F-I-N-E fine"

Aaron would be damned proud of me- having burned my sister's Big Ones CD about a month or so back, I've become increasingly interested in Aerosmith. Thus far, I'm thinking this one (What It Takes, apparently) and Rag Doll are my favorite.

"Tell me what it takes to let you go
Tell me how the pain's supposed to go
Tell me how it is that you can sleep
In the night, without thinkin' you lost
Everything that was good in your life
To the toss of a dice
Tell me what it takes to let you go"

I love the tune...or whatever it is.

continue after lunch...

Actually, I never did. It's the next day now. And I'm going to start a new entry.

On with it.

Monday, March 18, 2002

My lips are extremely, painfully chapped.

I have very little to say but a racing, lusting need to say it.

I am waiting for Johnny V. to get his track-meetinged ass into science olympiad, but secretly harboring hopes that he won't make it. i do NOT want to work on anything scientific today.

He might be in there by now. He might be wondering where I am. Don't want to be found. Half-hour until mom picks me up for Mr. Ladd's.....I have a discovery I'd like to share with him....other than that....I don't know. Sent him to check out something that was bothering me a little bit ago last week...and something that continues to bother me. Hopefully by now he's all updated.

Damn, my lips hurt.

I like coming out righteous. I like it when people see my way in things, thus making me feel validated that I feel like that. I was bitching to Mr. Leighton earlier and he seems to sympathize with me.

"On the pit, people like the people who agree with him." Someone said that once. Or something to that extent. It's very true for the pit. And, while to a lesser degree, it can also betrue in life.

The spanish exchange student is at the computer next to me checking his hotmail, and for some reason it's surprising me that it's all in Spanish. Consistently. What a rush. (I know how dumb I sound.)

I'm very angry with several people right now, and trying to ignore that emotion entirely. I intend to respond to it eventually.

I feel like following Mr. Letourneau into his room and talking to him. I don't know about what. Maybe my chapped fucking lips. He's walking through the hallways, swinging his keys in the air and singing about how "It's a good feeling, a very good feeling, it's going to be a happy new day!" Or something like that. Wha-tev-er.

That was so adolescent. I apologize.

I feel like getting a coke- I'm achy and still fighting off the remnants of the cold AND MY LIPS HURT and I'd like the caffiene to have the affect on me that it used to, but I know it wouldn't anymore. I'm at the point now that, since I'm over my addiction, I'm no longer strict with my avoidance of it. I had a pepsi when I went to dinner with Jeff on Thursday. That's right, that's what I forgot to mention, I saw Jeff thursday, too. Knew I was forgetting something.

It's entirely possible that Johnny V. is at Science Olympiad by now, and while that is what I fear most in the world at this moment, I don't want to appear irresponsible by not being there. I really should get into the habit of taking mondays off entirely.

The spanish (mexican?) exchange student was just checking out a forward he had with an animated cartoon of two teeth getting it on in a guy's mouth. For some reason, I think I irrationally expect that he wouldn't be able to understand English if I were to talk to him. Interesting.

Fucking tired. I could use a McDonald's coke right now, as opposed to one out of the vending machines. Because of my throat...don't ask. Going back to Science Olympiad- shoot me! Dead!

On with it.
Oh, my poor, sweet, neglected blog. How I have missed thee!

Yes, Linda is still taking violent stirdes against le virus...which I keep addressing with french articles for some reason. Maybe the lack of internet has affected my brain. The only thing on my computer that is not working, or the only thing that is (consistently, at least) not working on my computer is the internet, so I've actually written a blog entry since the last time I was in school- which was a week ago exactly. It, I believe, was basically about Chad's animal magnetism as well as...well, probably some other bullshit. I don't know. If I can't get my computer working shortly, I shall bring it to school on le floppy disk (shoot me if I continue to do that....I beg you) and update it from here.

Barring that, I should update by saying my past week has involved the following- getting very very miserably sick on Tuesday, a state Jeff rescued me from by visiting and bringing Tic Tacs, a rose, and a rental of "The People Vs. Larry Flint", not much of which we paid any strict attention to- apparently he has "a strong, active immune system" and he does not fear getting sick. His presence that night was all that I needed- Having felt all day as though the act of getting out of bed would be a herculean task, the moment he arrived my bill of health seemed least relatively clean. I do not say this to be flattering or boyfriend-obsessive: I am pointing it out because it was surprising enough to me to be noteworthy. I certainly wouldn't expect a man to be able to cure my ailments merely with his presence. By any means.

Wenesday I took off because, well, I was still sick enough to warrant my absence and I did not want to go to school. Nothing at all happened except about five hours of my trying to mend the damn comptuer. Thursday I took Jenn on one of my mammouth walks, and afterwards....well, very little happened.

Friday was great. Chad and I went to Fuddy Meers- as will be discussed further in my to-be-uploaded entry, I love hanging out with Chad. And I love hanging out with Chad's car. But that will all get more later.

Saturday, very little. I finally wrote the second scene to my play. In it's entirety- I feel good about that. I really want to get it finished before the end of the school year- I might be able to pull off the rough draft by....mid-april. Depending on how much self-discipline I come across.

Jan G., next to me, seems to be looking at polar-bear porn. (Just pictures of polar bears, actually.....she seems to protest to the idea of me writing that she's actually a beastiophile, but my argument is that the polar bears are all, in fact, naked.) I wish I had chapstick. This point isn't as interesting at polar bear porn, but what exactly is?

It's 1:45 and I'm sure, as I've been seperated from all of cyber space for almost a week, that there are some other areas that could use my attention, so I shall move on. Maybe more later. Jan G. wants me to point out that she rapes monkeys. And that I rape donkeys.

Well, who could resist? They're hung like you wouldn't believe.

On with it.