Thursday, March 21, 2002

In desktop publishing, I have given up my place at a beautiful, brand-new dell super computer (that made me feel all orgasmically tingly last class just sitting near it) so I can, instead, sit next to Jesse.....who, to be fair, used to make me feel orgasmically tingly in, like, eighth grade.

He's reading this as I type it. Hi, Jesse!


Can't post yesterday's quote of the day, because no one would get it except Jenn and one other person, suffice to say that it happened in shop and save...excuse me, "Hannaford", and Jenn and I both struggled to remain standing afterwards. (I'm typing extremely slowly now because Jesse keeps making fun of the amount of typos. He's a bastahd. -THAT, by the way, is not a typo, it's how I pronounce the word "bastard") But today's first nominee is from the Pit, as it happens:

"maybe everyone masterbates everywhere all the time" ~Phoenix

Even with the mispelling of "masturbation", which I believe is the most common mispelling in the English languagem this quote elates me. Props to Pheonix.

The three quote of the day nominees for Tuesday take a little explaining, and with the five minutes that are left in desktop publishing, I do not have time....they're classics, so I swear I'll post them eventually (as well as that Chad's animal magnetism post I wrote at home and mentioned, like four days ago) Jesse, sitting next to me, has taken to saying shit about Nick. This, however, is sort of parallel to certain things that Nick has said in the past about Jesse, but this isn't preventing me from the promise that I am, in fact going to kick the shit out of Jesse after school.

I will defend my faithful little puppy dog's honor. (still love ya, Nick)

My name is Linda and I am going to make Jesse BLEED (even if he does have Mono). On with it.