Monday, March 18, 2002

Oh, my poor, sweet, neglected blog. How I have missed thee!

Yes, Linda is still taking violent stirdes against le virus...which I keep addressing with french articles for some reason. Maybe the lack of internet has affected my brain. The only thing on my computer that is not working, or the only thing that is (consistently, at least) not working on my computer is the internet, so I've actually written a blog entry since the last time I was in school- which was a week ago exactly. It, I believe, was basically about Chad's animal magnetism as well as...well, probably some other bullshit. I don't know. If I can't get my computer working shortly, I shall bring it to school on le floppy disk (shoot me if I continue to do that....I beg you) and update it from here.

Barring that, I should update by saying my past week has involved the following- getting very very miserably sick on Tuesday, a state Jeff rescued me from by visiting and bringing Tic Tacs, a rose, and a rental of "The People Vs. Larry Flint", not much of which we paid any strict attention to- apparently he has "a strong, active immune system" and he does not fear getting sick. His presence that night was all that I needed- Having felt all day as though the act of getting out of bed would be a herculean task, the moment he arrived my bill of health seemed least relatively clean. I do not say this to be flattering or boyfriend-obsessive: I am pointing it out because it was surprising enough to me to be noteworthy. I certainly wouldn't expect a man to be able to cure my ailments merely with his presence. By any means.

Wenesday I took off because, well, I was still sick enough to warrant my absence and I did not want to go to school. Nothing at all happened except about five hours of my trying to mend the damn comptuer. Thursday I took Jenn on one of my mammouth walks, and afterwards....well, very little happened.

Friday was great. Chad and I went to Fuddy Meers- as will be discussed further in my to-be-uploaded entry, I love hanging out with Chad. And I love hanging out with Chad's car. But that will all get more later.

Saturday, very little. I finally wrote the second scene to my play. In it's entirety- I feel good about that. I really want to get it finished before the end of the school year- I might be able to pull off the rough draft by....mid-april. Depending on how much self-discipline I come across.

Jan G., next to me, seems to be looking at polar-bear porn. (Just pictures of polar bears, actually.....she seems to protest to the idea of me writing that she's actually a beastiophile, but my argument is that the polar bears are all, in fact, naked.) I wish I had chapstick. This point isn't as interesting at polar bear porn, but what exactly is?

It's 1:45 and I'm sure, as I've been seperated from all of cyber space for almost a week, that there are some other areas that could use my attention, so I shall move on. Maybe more later. Jan G. wants me to point out that she rapes monkeys. And that I rape donkeys.

Well, who could resist? They're hung like you wouldn't believe.

On with it.