Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Okay, some of you....compartively few of you......probably none of you will remember that once I posted "crossdressers drive 55" or something like that as being a search that someone conducted on google that lead them to me. I've had a few doosies since then, but today, it outdid itself. Not only did I get "pictures of crossdressers making out", but I got the google search hit to end all google search hits- "my daughter masterbates with me".

That's fucked up.

Emily informs me that there is a diary online dedicated to odd google hits, http://oddgoogle.diaryland.com. Apparently their elitist bastards that only let other diaryland people submit, so I'm going to see if their is something similar on blogger. If not, there should be...and by god, there will be!

On with it.
Okay, blast from the past- I had totally forgotten about that MASH game we used to play all the time- where you'd put down a bunch of people's names and numbers and all that sort of stuff, then randomly name a number and somebody goes through and crosses out every that number-th one. (Like if you pick five, they cross out every five.) I guess if you didn't play that game, that's a pretty inadequate description of it, but go here and play it, online (ghee!). Oh, and here's a tip for those who don't remember- if you're straight, only put members of the opposite sex where it says boys/girls. I forgot that momentarily and dodged a bullet.

My results:
You will live in a Mansion.
You will drive a Black Harley.
You will marry Chad and have 0 kids.
You will be a Author in Australia.

These are the perfect results. Granted, I really only put down options that would have been good, anyway (For people I put Jeff, Chad, Emily, Jenn, and Mitch- Jenn was included because I forgot that was a spouse thing- For automobiles I put a porsche, a kia sportage, harley, saab, gremlin- gremlin in there for the sake of fairness- colors aren't really important anyway, but black was my favorite, for number of kids I put 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and I am SO GLAD I got 0, for location I put Paris, Gloucester, New York, Vermont, Australia, and for job I put Playwright, Actress, Poet, Author, Stripper.) I am, however, more pleased with my results than I could have been with any of them...except maybe getting a porshe instead of a harley, and, hey, the toss up between Jeff and Chad coulda gone either way. ;-)

I could marry Chad. Chad's great. Chad and I could live in our Mansion in Australia taking motorcycle rides through the desert and then down the coast for years, all alone, with no kids, with me wriitng books about our adventures. Or, in his version, we're still married, living in a massachussetts apartment, driving a silver jaguar, with two kids (who we'll send off to motherfucking boarding school, the brats) and he will work as a business executive. Chad could relax me into a state of sleep every night by touching the end of my nose. And hey, a silver jaguar is even nicer than the car he currently drives, which I want to marry in and of itself.

It's amazing how uplifting getting a favorable predicion on MASH is. Jacquie, from who's site (that I can't seem to link to, because blogger is fucking up) I got this, must be elated, for instance, that in her prediction, she's driving an Orange Weinermobile. But there's nothing in life I like more than dreaming about wonderful scenarios for the future, and this particular one is nice to think about. An australian mansion. A successful author. Chad and his harley-riding wife.


On with it.