Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Okay, some of you....compartively few of you......probably none of you will remember that once I posted "crossdressers drive 55" or something like that as being a search that someone conducted on google that lead them to me. I've had a few doosies since then, but today, it outdid itself. Not only did I get "pictures of crossdressers making out", but I got the google search hit to end all google search hits- "my daughter masterbates with me".

That's fucked up.

Emily informs me that there is a diary online dedicated to odd google hits, http://oddgoogle.diaryland.com. Apparently their elitist bastards that only let other diaryland people submit, so I'm going to see if their is something similar on blogger. If not, there should be...and by god, there will be!

On with it.