Tuesday, May 14, 2002

My possibly previously unmentioned inability to digest anything at all normally is becoming more and more a disruptive force in my life by the day. Jeff wants me to see a doctor about it. I don't want to chance getting my (albeit completely unhealthy) diet changed- I can only eat certain things.

If you were someone who was interested in getting to know me psychologically, you'd eventually figure out that one of my biggest problems is that I can convince myself of pretty much anything, to a degree anyway, and I use this talent to convince myself that I absolutely cannot do certain things, that I don't have the willpower to make myself do them. This is another disruptive force in my life.

Nancy Chizmar died today, I don't really think I care. Apathy...possibly another disruptive force in my life, but I don't know and I don't give a shit either way.

From the time I last sent out my newsletter till today, I have managed to gather 20 new subscribers...some willingly, others...yeah, not. And while it's taking me a damned long time to get it written, as I seem to have abandoned the "sit down and do it in an hour, it'll be good" method, it will happen....I swear. Hopefully after I'm a few issues into this rebirth I'll be able to do it the old way again.

Between reviving the Newsletter, my journal to Mr. Hall, and dysphorena, I haven't had much time to update this, and I haven't had much to say, at any rate. This is hardly the only thing getting neglected....I owe Mitch the second half of an e-mail I started writing him last week, and I haven't written Jeff or anyone else.

I've got a lot to say to Mitch, though, maybe too much. He's become one of my confidants lately. Our lack of interaction wears on me.

The right half of my space bar isn't working- don't ask me how, I don't know either....but it's hindering my typing ability anyway, so I'm going to end this quickly.

On with it.