Thursday, May 16, 2002

"It's quarter to three
There's no one in the place
'Cept you and me
So set 'em up Joe
I got a little story
I think you should know.
We're drinking, my friend,
To the very end
Of a brief episode.
Make it one for my baby,
And one for the road."

I'm listening to Robbie William's Sinatra tribute album, One For My Baby, I think this is called, and moving my stuff from my room to my new room- which is here, where the computer it. I guess I could never really explain it, but this makes me extremely depressed....change is one of the things in life I like the least. This time I gave in. I decided that, sentament or no sentament, it's time I got some practice dealing with change. It was a practical decision.

After "One More for My Baby", a really happy, upbeat song comes on. The repeat function on my stereo isn't working real well, so I have to keep getting up to restart the song. I've been working hard to stay in this particular was important to me to say all of this. I've said it now....I should let it go on. It would be a practical decision.

Am I ready to be practical?

One more time restart. On with it.