Thursday, February 24, 2005

Okay, everyone in the whole world, yes, the whole world, is on my case to update this, (Hi Madonna! Osama! Miuccia Prada!*) Not a whole lot to say in the form of a rant, so I'll go back to the old stand-by: comments on commercials that are currently getting air time.

There's this whole line of commercials taking place in Mistubishi dealerships, the one with the guy who's friend is all like "Chick Magnet!", the one with the man who manipulates his wife into buying a SUV by winding her biological clock, and the one who's trying to negotiate a deal on a car he admits is already a great price, then he ends up looking stupid. And in all of these, the common factors are the exact location of the car in the showroom, and a guy in an orange (red?) jumpsuit who's only job seems to be to stand their all day and whisper things to customers, like Mitsubishi's version of the Buckingham Palace Sentry.

So who's up for taking a road trip with me to find out if these Mitsubishi dealerships really *have* those guys?

Adult SwimAdult Swim has recently sold out it's bumps or cards or whatever the hell they're called to advertising for AXE body spray (and one other forgotten product, to a lesser degree- the lesson here, if you're gonna advertise on adult swim, do it often enough so it gets through the thick skulls of the Inuyasha crowd.) I'm not saying, at this point, that there advertising is particularly worthy of cracking jokes about, because thus far, it's been done in strictly respectable adult swim fashion, but they're really walking a tight-rope here. If they slip up on this, a whole mass of disgruntled AS fans will do exactly what our generation has always done in terms of civil disobedience: Absolutely nothing! But with flare.

If they really screw up, who knows. A couple hundred of strategically placed "AXE advertisements SUCK THE COCKZ!" messages on their forums might make them see it our way. Dirty corporate money can't fight with the raw passion and stinging prose of a 1337 haXor.

In other news, this woman is an idiot.

On with it.

*And thanks to Jeremey for helping me find a third celebrity with a name that ends in "ah".