Wednesday, May 15, 2002

Crossdressers crossdressers crossdressers! How damn often do I talk about crossdressers?

I didn't think very often, but every other weird google search I get seems to be about them. What is with this? Did I put it in my meta tags or something? Have I been posting in my sleep, over and over again, "Crossdressers, get your crossdressers here! Fresh, high-quality crossdressers! All crossly dressed! Come and get your crossdressers!"

....and wouldn't it be weird if that were it, and I got it right on the ball?

As you can see, I put up a...thing that allows you to subscribe to my newsletter straight from this page....most of you who read this are already subscribed, but for those of you who aren't, I strongly recommend it. Lots of crossdressers in it. (Not really, but odds are 2-1, that's what you came here looking if you subscribe, I'll include some crossdressing in the next one, just for you!)

Issue 16 is finally out. Subscribers, check your inboxes. Those of you not yet, subscribe soon, and you won't have to go digging through the soon-to-be-online archives to find 16. It's douche-tacular.

Made an advertisement for it in desktop publishing far, that's been a bigger hit than the actual issue. People like brevity, apparently.

No wonder I don't get many hits.

On with it.