Monday, March 25, 2002

In desktop publishing yet again- oh, how I mourn for the loss of my computer! Soon it shall either be fixed or replaced, and this page will reign least relative glory yet again.

Janet, my ex-employer from Dairy Maid, has already put out her advertisement in the school announcements for needing students to work. Which means soon, I will be getting a call. And I'm going to have to explain to her why I can't work there. (The reality is basically that I'd rather die of penniless starvation, but I can't tell HER that.) My inability to quit last year translates into my inability to refuse her job offer this year- I don't like telling people things they don't want to hear. I had planned to be employed by now so that it would be easy to turn her down, but thus far I am not. I plan to apply to the credit union tomorrow- an after-school job that might be fucked up by my massive amounts of detentions...I wish I knew how many I had. Damn me, damn me. I'm probably booked until, like, two weeks from now.....I'd be willing to skip them for a job and get fridays, but then I'd be screwed if they needed me to work on fridays....ugh, frustration. I guess I'll have to figure that out later on.

I *adore* these new computers in the lab.....they make me feel all warm and tingly inside. Dells. Black Dells. Ahhhhh.

Quote of the day yesterday:
(Referring to the fact that Turle is the most easily aroused person on the face of the earth:)
Linda: You're so easy.
Jeff: Are you doing that (can't remember what it was I was doing, but I'm fairly sure I wouldn't share it anyway) to make me less easy?
Linda: Yes, that's it. It's all part of my plot to make you harder....oh my god! (Laughter- referring tot he previously discussed fact that I have this strange tendency to constantly say things with unintentional double entendre) I swear I don't mean to say these things.
Jeff: Sure you don't!
Linda: I don't! I don't even try, but they just keep coming and coming....oh, jesus.

It's possible that you had to be there, but hopefully you'll be able to recognize the humor.

I still haven't brought in the Chad's animal magnetism (etc.)'s not really about animal magnetism, just the simple fact that he's less-than-expectedly attractive, and talking about how all my male friends are (in their own ways).

Speaking of attractive in their own way, some chick is hitting on Turle- big time. She fucking baked him cupcakes the other day. IN general, I find this way more amusing than threatening, but I don't know- should I puff out my fur, extend my claws and....well, be generally, inactively pissed?

Nah....poor, pathetic wench is probably on meds or something. (Just kidding, Turtle.)

Thinking about changing the title of this webpage shortly.....I've asked the pit for their opinion, but I'll ask you, my beloved readers, next. You just watch out for that.

On with it.