Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Frank's Pit of Eternal Darkness could easily be considered a cyber training ground for the overly sensitive. Stepping foot at all gives the posters there complete license to degrade, insult, and openly mock people, their emotions, and everything they could possibly value for no reason other than one- it's the pit. And that's what it's fucking there for.

Seriously, though- you've heard of peope sending their kids to fat camps? This is like a sensitivity camp, where, by constant and unending criticisms and witticisms from the dregs of human life, all human emotion is breeded out of a person.

Hidden behind the anonymity of meaningless tags (screenname-like things) or, sometimes, the lack of a tag at all, people on the pit are free to let loose the absolute scum of their being without fear of having to ever face consequences in a real-life situations. And, if you aren't among the few that have ever been to the pit, allow me to explain to you what this does to a person- makes them into an unabashed bastard, basically.

I go to the pit because I find it amusing, because I like the way it works, because I like having a place to put my thoughts online that isn't here. But let me be perfectly clear of one thing- most of the people there take their oppurtunity to be jerks. And they take it proudly.

When I am a successful, well-known writer- and I WILL be- there will be critics writing meaningless negative bullshit about me in papers. And after years of the pit, it will roll of my back like water in the shower. Because nothing that someone ever had to put their name on would compare to this crap.

(I do love the pit. I go there faithfully. It's not for anyone that can't take the heat by any means, but I can. The reason I post what a bullshit trap it is is because of the recent pit discussion trashing my site. The pit attacks You Must Be Very Bored, You Must Be Very Bored retaliates to the Pit. Granted, this site is rather small, proportionately, but fight fire with fire, fight worthless online dribble as written by bitches and assholes with worthless online dribble as written by the bitch/asshole. I can hold my own.)

On another note, I like the way the new soap in the school bathrooms smells. On with it!