Monday, March 25, 2002

Okay, I took the same roadkill quiz as Jacquie, but my result had a really disgusting graphic- a mangled possum. So it's not going up....but now you all know that I'm a possum. A disgusting, dead, rotting at the side of the road possum. What did I take that quiz? (You can get a link to it on Jacquie's site.) Like Jacquie, I got Gobo on my fraggle quiz.

So, which Fraggle ARE YOU most like? Click here to find out.

For the Doc Marten test, I got Pink- Fuck that! Just because I like Ally McBeal, Gone with the Wind, Rose Tatoos and frilly-looking drinks doesn't mean I.....oh, god.


I'm the pink Doc Marten...
I'm sassy and always in touch
with my feminine side

Which Doc Marten are you?
(by *coffeebean*)

Got this one off of Turtle's website...he got Gonzo...
Hmmm...Gonzo and Kermit......sounds like our next sexual role-playing adventure.

You are Kermit!
Though you're technically the star, you're pretty mellow and don't mind letting others share the spotlight. You are also something of a dreamer.

And those are all the banal quizzes I have time for today, folks.

The word "folks" comes so much more naturally on websites than in talking.

On with it.