Friday, July 05, 2002

I'm wondering how much of this shit I should edit out for the sake of preserving everyone's public name, as it's not really my right to spill out this sickening little teen lifetime story, but since it's MY blog, and I'm the pissed off one, and I really don't care how much you know about the fact that about 95% of my current fucked-up situation is MY fault and no one else's, I'm gonna put up part of a conversation I'm having unedited. Be warned, though, that the story you're about to hear is not completely true- it was merely Ben's interpretation of a situation that he wasn't told completely about until now. It's not true. JEff and I are still together. As for the rest....heh, figure it out for yourself.

Ben: I can only imagine how "not entirely pleased" you must be.
FieryGwenivere: what would you assume happened, from what you've heard
Ben: and Chad, over time, became closer and closer. Eventually, it got to the point where you were practically going out. Jeff got wind of it from you, and broke up with you. Then, Chad ditched you for Kara. Along the way, just for fun, your Ferret died.

I included all of that because that last sentence is sooo the quote of the day...first time I've laughed out loud since I got back from Gloucester. And I love Ben for that (and infinitely more). So I told him. Guess what? He loves me, too.

Sometimes, no matter what hand life plays you, you've got an ace up your sleeve...even if you've left it there for a long time. Or, well, with Ben, a joker anyway.

On with it.