Saturday, July 26, 2003

Holy malfunctioning Coasters, Batman!

Because I have a number of friends in New Jersey, I feel compelled to report that the "Batman and Robin: The Chiller" roller coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure has a history of problems: This weekend, a train of the roller coaster got stuck for twenty minutes, while the riders were suspended in the air upside-fucking-down. In 1998, the ride had to be closed because people were complaining of neck and head pain, but both of these incidents seem rather tame when compared to the 1997 incidents wherein people were hitting their goddamned heads on metal parts of the coaster.

Evidentally, this coaster was designed before the Riddler was fired from Wayne Enterprises. Riddle me this: What the fuck is wrong with six flags that they aren't getting the point on this?

The one real victim of this weekends incident was a little boy who had to go to the hospital to be treated for asthma once recovered from the upside-down train. Evidently, the shock leading to his attack had nothing to do a fear of heights, but was instead caused by his disillusionment when the Dark Knight did not appear within minutes to save the day. Doctors say they did everything they could to treat his asthma, but there wasn't a measure to be taken in preventing his broken heart.

Damn you, BC, damn you.

On with it.