Wednesday, July 09, 2003

This seems a day for quickie posts: In "Shallow Hal", a movie which frequents my twelve HBO's, there is a line wherein Gwenyth Paltrow's character, Rosemary, burns Jason Alexander's character, Mauricio (or something, I do not pretend to know how to spell it or to care enough to look it up) when he is rude to her upon their first meeting. She asks if he is wearing a member's only jacket, and when he affirms that he is, she says, "So, what are you, the last member?"

Hal laughs. Maurypovichio seems genuinely embarrassed. But I never understood why it was funny.

Today, this popped into my mind at work, and I decided that it was my mission for today to find out why- why is this funny?

It turns out, as far as I can ascertain from my research, is that the reason it is funny is because the coats which used to be incredibly stylish have fallen out of fashion, and are now only seen being warn by old men. I guess.

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On with it.