Monday, May 09, 2005

My younger cousin Michaela, who many of you have met and therefore know to be one of the coolest chicas of her age around, now has an online journal. This makes me feel very, very old. On this online journal, she mentions (with no regard to grammar or proper paragraph structure whatsoever, I might add) that her mother has banned her from going to the gym until her report card, which currently consists of three A's and two B's, is "acceptable".


Acceptable? I don't know if she's kept records on the other kids in the family's grades (my mom's side), but that's pretty amazing by our standards. This kind of perfectionism makes me wonder if all these years that I thought my aunt was easy-going, she was really judging me.

And why ban going to the Gym when there are so many less healthy, productive things to ban?

But this is of no interest to any of you, so I'll move on to some commercials of note:

Best commercials currently on television:

The Bowling Alley T-Mobile prepaid commercial, wherein a bunch of diminutive rappers try to sell some minutes from a dubious provider (IE Boost Mobile, a company that tries to push it's services with a commercial that's reminiscient of a Rap Video, but tells one absolutely nothing about rates or service), and the much taller, much brighter consumer says "You guys are clowns", to which they respond with some hip-hop noises, my favorite being, "wicca wicca wicca."

If you haven't seen it, I'm sure I haven't painted a very good picture for you. This makes me long for a site that airs popular commercials for free. charges 99 dollars a year, and while this fee includes a subscription to some kind of art magazine, it's still more than I'm willing to pay to watch commercials.

T-Mobile, apparently, gave some air time to a gay couple in a commercial pushing their "couples talk free" campaign. While it was less than a second, apparently this was well received by the gay community. As sweet as this all is, there's one little short-coming I have to point out: While T-Mobile's attempt to evoke feelings of sentimentality while pointing out that with their plan, you can talk free to your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, same-sex partner, roommate, or anyone else with the same billing address leaves the 900 thousand customers they've converted with this campaign with an "Aah, that's so sweet!" feeling, it doesn't take a genious to figure out that you can do the same goddamn thing with Verizon, with whom you can talk to any fellow Verizon wireless customer for free.

For most of us, it's a lot better deal to be able to talk for free to any one of hundreds of millions of people rather than just who you're sleeping with. This is probably why Paris Hilton's a T-Mobile girl.


My other favorite commercial as of late is the AOL commercial where the lady brings the AOL employee her famous Apple Crumb Cake or whatever it is. The way she says "Identity theft" is freaking adorable!

Where did they get this lady? She's great.

Man. So much writing, so little substance.

I'm sick, I've already worked today, and I just finished a crap paper for a crap class. I shouldn't have tried tonight. My apologies.

On with it.


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