Sunday, December 25, 2005

If my original weigh-in of 180 pounds was accurate (which it may or may not have been, as I did not have, in my possession, an accurate scale until today) then I have lost six pounds since I started trying to lose weight three weeks ago.

Six pounds is not an easy thing to conceptualize. So I shall try to help you.

This dog, apparently named "Doodle Poodle", weighs approximately six pounds.

This penguin from the Mystic Aquariaum is six pounds, also. It would be unfortunate if he lost six pounds, because then he would cease to exist, and I think I may want him to be my new mascot. Perhaps he and Doodle Poodle can share responsibilities. His name is Red Green.

This strange man brought Red Green a six-pound fish to eat. What he doesn't understand is that Red Green would choke to death if he tried to eat a fish as big as he is. I'll have to cut it up for him...ewww.

So, six pounds lighter, it has been a Merry Christmas for me. How has it been for you?

On with it.