Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thursday, playing DDR, I started thinking about a stripper playing it, and from there, I ended up writing a 3335 word rough draft in a little under five hours. Needs editing, and I mean a lot of editing, but those of you who have read it so far have given me some pretty positive feedback.

Tonight, I was laying in bed, unable to get to sleep, I started thinking about naked lego people. And from there, I came up with this.

4,289 words of the most twisted shit that's ever come out of me, I kid you not. Less than three hours. Again, a very rough draft. Again, I haven't reread it-- would probably give me nightmares if I tried to do that now. And do not read that if you have a weak...anything.

Prolific? Maybe. Disturbed? Definitely.

On with it.