Wednesday, August 01, 2007

About a half-hour after I posted that last thing which, unfornately, was less than flattering to my dearest Emily, she posted something on her livejournal about how she has very few friends and doesn't feel close to them. Coincidence? I don't know. Either way, Emily deserves her list, if only for the very reasons she was talking about: It's hard to make quality friends, and infinitely important to keep up with the ones you have.

So. Great things about Emily. Let's go with 50.

1. She makes a point of making time for me when we're in the same state.
2. She understands the value of being able to lie on sun-warmed pavement at night, and look at the stars.
3. Although a lesbian, she can appreciate the value of Shepherd Men.
4. She's always up for a late-night trip to Floyd's house.
5. Her sense of nostalgia is incredible, and warm.
6. She's loyal.
7. She understands the basic rules of friendship when it comes to supportive conversation.
8. She's verbally appreciative of you when you give her what she needs.
9. She has beautiful eyes.
10. And beautiful hands.
11. And beautiful lips.
12. And beautiful hair.
13. She has excellent taste in music.
14. And she knows the value of driving in the dark, with a mix-tape in the cassette player, and going no where in particular.
15. She appreciates that funky bridge on the way to Land's End, even if it's a bitch to drive over.
16. She's always striving to do better, be better, achieve more.
17. She has courage in saying what she feels.
18. She makes a point of checking for alternative viewpoints when arguing, especially with people who can't do it for themselves.
19. She's tolerant.
20. She sends the best greeting cards.
21. Her livejournal is consistently interesting.
22. She never posts annoying bulletins on MySpace.
23. She's got all the good, moral qualities of a good Christian girl...
24. But she's quiet and personal about her faith, and never offends anyone with it.
25. She's practical with money.
26. She's verbally accurate.
27. She always smells good.
28. She is rightfully annoyed by people who complain about gas prices.
29. She reads modern, artsy, feminine books.
30. She wants to live in Stars Hollow.
31. Okay, I apologize to certain individuals, but it has to be said: Best. Kisser. Ever.
32. Extremely sexually talented in general, to be fair.
33. She's an Abby-ist. Or, uhm. I think I might have gotten the wrong name there.
34. She's faces her fears.
35. She writes letters.
36. She has great penmanship.
37. She has sentimental Screennames.
38. There's a clear limit to how melodramatic she'll let herself get.
39. She can spell the word "definitely" correctly.
40. She balances her checkbook.
41. She loves her mom.
42. She's going to be an awesome mom, herself, when the time comes.
43. She plays a mean game of "spin the cellphone".
44. She's very organized.
45. It's ridiculously adorable that she likes to cross things off list.
46. She's okay with the fact that I use the word "republican" and "evil" interchangeably.
47. She has admittedly been involved with dates that include "sex, and whatever facilitates sex."
48. She's honest to authority figures when I really want her not to be, but in an endearing way.
49. She makes the effort with people who don't always make the effort with her.
50. She's not materialistic, but she puts real value into the things she owns that mean something to her.

Now that I'm done, I'm wishing I left space in the fifty, because more keep coming to mind. Her love for Maine, and Mainers, the fact that she's outright fun, amused by all the right things. Her name! Her name is beautiful!

It's 3AM though. Perhaps I should stop.

I love you, Dulcinea.

On with it.