Monday, August 31, 2009

With very little else I feel like sharing with the world at large (or, plenty that I'd be willing to share with a group of total strangers, but that simply is not the group I'm offered, lately), let's do this meme again. Here are the rules:

Put your music player (iTunes, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, etc.) on Shuffle or Random mode, press Play, and list your favorite line or verse from the first 10 songs that it plays. Then get your friends to guess the artist and song title of each lyric. Fun! (You can skip instrumental-only songs, but no skipping of the embarrassing songs!)

Did this one last, on this site, on February 7th, 2008, then again on livejournal for Emily, who did not get enough of the answers the first time around. (I'm reading through some of the livejournal entries, which are all these quiz thingies, and thinking that my most eager vistor as of late is going to have a ball with them. Over and over again, I talk about how my biggest weakness is falling in love with people. One random question/Answer: "17. When do you know it's love? Too often. That's when.")

Anyway. On with the music quiz thingy (I keep wanting to call it a meme, but I've come to believe that's not actually what these things are. I guess that's one of those new-fangled words I just don't understand), since my collection has expanded greatly in the past year (to be something I'm really, really proud of. I really enjoy my diverse taste in music.) If I come up against a song that I honestly can't pick a good line out of, I'll skip it, but I'll tell y'all what it is I'm skipping. Also, I feel no reason to keep it to one line, if it turns out that the part I like best is really a few. It's my quiz thingy.

1. "Now that money comes and goes a bit faster than my confidence grows. Everybody knows there ain't nothing new about money woes."

I have to skip this song, "Theme From Pinata", by Bright Eyes. It's from one of the Bright Eyes CDs I kinda forgot I owned, and so I never added it to my iPod until recently. Thusly, I think this is probably only the third or so time I've heard it. It's a shame, though, it seems to have a lot of great lines.

2. "And why'd ya sing Hallelujah if it means nothing to ya? Why'd you sing with me at all?"
(I have to try to remember that this is the one of the songs that references 'Hallelujah' that I definitely want to include on the future Mix CD I've promised for Sam. That is, once I've written the song I've promised, to close it with.

Skipping "Time Won't Let Me" by The Smithereens. Great band, not their best song, no lyrical gems.

3. "Wears high heels when she exercises. Ain't that beautiful?"
(Grew to love that line when I was on my original "dance hour" kick, and I, too, would exercise in high heels. I also like "Her confidence is tragic, but her intuition, magic.")

4. "It's cloud illusions I recall. I really don't know clouds at all."
(I feel a little cheap; that's obviously the most quoted line from that song. But it's definitely the best. Maybe I could have gone with "Tears and fears and feeling proud, to say 'I love you' right out loud." Man, this is just a great song.)

Skipping "These Things" by She Wants Revenge. This song just freaks me out, as do a lot of the songs by She Wants Revenge. I've tried to make peace with that weird part of myself that they alarm, but it's just not worth it anymore. I'll keep "Tear You Apart" and take the rest of the iPod. I need the space, anyway.

5. "I catch the bad guys, well, most of the time. So it's a good life, a perfectly good life. Not exactly sublime."

6. "So take it off, like you home alone, you know, dance in front your mirror while your on the phone. Checking your reflection and tellin' your best friend, like 'Girl, I think my butt gettin' big.'"

7. "Now I do as I please, and lie through my teeth. Someone might get hurt, but it won't be me. I should probably feel cheap, but I just feel free, and a little bit empty."

8. "Your face like a vision straight out of Holly Hobbie. Late light drizzling through your hair. Your eyes, twin volcanoes."

Skipping "Stayin' Alive" by the BeeGees, because I can't come up with a line that I've ever actually bothered listening to other than the first, which would be a dead giveaway.

9."I do anything for you. Beat someone black and blue. Black and blue, and I'd do it for you."
(Never actually took the time to listen to the lyrics of the verses of that song before. Enlightening.)

Skipping "November 22, 1963" from the Assassins soundtrack, because, as moving as it is (I would have shot JFK with that kind of peer pressure going on.), it's not actually a song. And an instrumental version of "All The Pretty Little Horses".

Skipping "Simply Kind of Life" by No Doubt because I want to link to this entry that I wrote which featured it, but that'll ruin your chance to guess. Skipping Lit's "My Own Worst Enemy", because the song went all the way through while I was looking for the link to that last post, and then this next song came up, and I really love this next one, so it's more appropriate to end with.

10. "So I will find my fears and face them, or I will cower like a dog. I will kick and scream or kneel and plead. I fight like hell to hide that I've given up."

If you don't feel like guessing on that last one, and you happen to love my archives as much as I, sadly, do, read this post, the first in 2007. It's very musical.

I'm opening comments, if you'd like to take your guesses. On with it.