Saturday, October 18, 2014

Two things I do not want to do:

1. Write this entire freaking post on my phone with my thumbs, and
2. Get up and find my laptop.

But unless I want to break my streak, I gotta do one or the other, so number one it is.

I have not mediated so far today. I've decided for purposes of this blog and other daily goals, "today" means the period between when I got up in this morning and when I go fall asleep at night, regardless of whether or not it's past midnight. More practical this way. Also more practical to assume anyone who actually reads this (Read: No one) will either not notice or not care about the actual date stamps. But, what can I say? I'm a bit neurotic about some things.

I want to keep the streak of meditating at least a little every day alive. I wonder if watching some episode of Gilmore Girls I've seen a dozen times while my mind goes completely blank counts. Somehow, I doubt it.

I read this article (that I meant to link to at the time and will attempt to make a point to in the future) about how the world's happiest man-- that is, the man who was shown to have the highest chemical capacity for happiness-- attributed his boundless joy to meditation. A French monk, he spent much of his life as, if I recall correctly, a business man, and was supremely dissatisfied with his life. When he became a monk and devoted much of his day to the practice of meditation, that all changed for him. Now he's being studied by, I guess, a university or something, who are mapping the actual physical changes in his brain that meditation has evidently caused.

The thing that struck me about the article is that the researchers stated that they see such changes in long-term meditators who practice for hours a day, but similar changes begin to happen after just one month of meditating for twenty minutes a day.

Boy, that link would make it sound way less like I'm talking out of my ass. But whatever, I'm too lazy to link on a smartphone, and you, dear reader, are totally in my imagination, anyway.

The point, before I give up on this frustrating digital experience, is that it's maybe within reach.  I'm not to twenty minutes a day yet, but if I could maybe build up to that in the next month, I could be just two months away. Maybe not from being the world's happiest man...but maybe, just maybe, my life's happiest Linda.

I don't know. I guess we'll have to wait and see. First step: figure out how to get a few minutes in before I go to sleep.

Did you get the joke about it being a "digital experience, " though? See, because thumbs are, you know. Digits.

Day 4. On with it.