Monday, April 22, 2002

So I found out a certain SOMEBODY doesn't know November Rain, and I decided to look up the lyrics. Except for the fact that they're really intense any melodramatic, and this situation is sort of...not, in the grand scheme of things, the beginning of it sorta applies.

"When I look into your eyes
I can see a love restrained
But darling when I hold you
Don't you know I feel the same

Cause nothing lasts forever
And we both know hearts can change
And it's hard to hold a candle
In the cold November rain

We've been through this such a long long time
Just tryin' to kill the pain

But lovers always come and lovers always go
No one's really sure who's letting go today
Walking away

If we could take the time to lay it on the line
I could rest my head
Just knowing that you were mine
All mine

So if you want to love me
Then darling don't refrain
Or I'll just end up walking
In the cold November rain"

Okay, did I mention that it's MUCH more intense than our present situation? Because I mean MUCH.

You know who ya'are though. Download the's a classic!

On with it.