Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Hung out with Mark tonight- that was fun. That's one good thing about EX's- not self-conscious around them at all. At least not with him. We were discussing tonight- albeit, briefly- how we've been closer as friends in the years since the breakup then we were before, how incredibly rare that is, and how I doubt I'd ever be able to do that with anyone else.

EL's prom is saturday and I'm battling one very frustrating zit at the end of my nose- I want to look good for this. It has the potential to be a very emotional night, but with luck Chad and I will be able to just kick back, have fun. Far less stressful than my prom in that I've already bought everything I could need for it. Hurrah. Jenn's gonna do my hair again...she's thinking about trying something different this time, hopefully it comes out as good as it did originally. Don't know if I'll opt to wear makeup was kinda stressful last time. We'll find out.
For prom my freshmen year, Mark and I got a few pictures taken in front of my apple tree- the flowers bloom on it for like a week or so every year, maybe less, but when they do, it's the most gorgeous thing in creation. Happily, it seems as though Sunday should be perfect timing to take prom pictures in front of it again- hurrah! Hopefully, Cathy has that day off from work. *knock on wood* If not...gaaah, I really hope she does.

Ben e-mailed me this weekend in response to #17, simply to say "Linda, you're brilliant. :-)" That made me feel really good- when was the last time I mentioned my unparalleled love for Ben? He's sensational.

Flippin' practice for the memorial day parade- which I'm going to be very exhausted for, as it's the day after the prom- tomorrow morning, so I should probably be on my way out....not that I wasn't technically out of subject matter anyway, but WHO ARE YOU TO JUDGE ME?

(humor tip: getting freaked out and accusing people of judging you in capitol letters is least, I like to think so....shaddup.)

On with it.