Thursday, May 23, 2002

:-) My auburn boys are the most pathetic people on the face of the earth.

Whenever I put on an away message, there's one of two objectives I'm going for to communicate something that I desperately want them to know, but won't tell them, either because I want them to think it wasn't intended for them, or I want them to wonder if it was intended for them, but not know, because I don't have urge to just tell them whatever it is I want them to know, whether it's just my extreme affection for them, or something all deep and dark like the fact that my relationship with whoever isn't working out, or I miss them, or, worse, I don't miss them anymore at all.

The meaningful ones normally come in the way of song lyrics, and while there are occasionally the instances where I just post song lyrics because they're in my head, if you see any up, look for hidden meaning- they might be for you!

The second basic objective is just to get people to leave me messages- which they never seem to. I put a lot of effort into trying to craft the perfect away message that will make people want to respond to it like crazy. Normally, I SUCK at this, but tonight I hit a bit of a jackpot with "Leave a message or you'll never have sex again."

Four of my Auburn boys- only three of which I can really claim to be one of "mine", as Labrack and I aren't really that close- responded, and they were the only ones. Why they're such colossal losers? First of all, three out of four of them responded with indignance alluding to the fact that they'd never had sex in the first place, so the "again" thing didn't work out (the other commented that he didn't ever want to have sex) and secondly, despite the way they chose to get around admitting it, you gotta know that they left these messages basically because they thought there was just the slightest possibility that it was true, and they didn't want to jinx it.

Pathetic.....Losers. God, I love them.

On with it.