Sunday, August 18, 2002

Nick was over last night. Nice change of pace- not that I don't appreciate the twenty-four hour Zack network, but I'm the type of person who needs variety...or something.

He and I went for a walk, then rented some playstation games at Movieland, came home and played them for a while, went out to eat, came back, more playstation, then music and conversation and such for a while and he left. Somewhat mundane, but I get along better with him than with a lot of people. Doesn't take a whole hell of a lot of action to keep me interested when I'm with my auburn boys. I hope I get to see more of him and the other two before college starts for them.

Kris moved to Kittery about a week ago. He and I never saw each other in person all that often, but that kinda sucked. I can't really miss him all that much, since I never saw him often in the first place, but the idea that he's so far away is depressing.
Jeremiah Freed's "Again" is a song I've become recently hooked on. I think I was at work once and it came on, and- having seen them in person, and talked to them in person, and just had a fairly great hands-on Jeremiah Freed experience in general, I was fairly happy about...that, I don't know where my sentence went...point being, I downloaded and it's great.

"And please if you know
Don't tell me
And please if you know
Don't tell me
'Cause I know that it's the same
When they all come back again
You'd think I'd know by now
And I know it's in the plan
When my heart is in my hands

Anyway, fuck this post, this is so bad and pointless. I'm gonna work on Triangle Sleep's website, being that I'm their new webmaster- whether or not all of them are mutually aware of that.

On with it.