Friday, August 23, 2002

Being that it's 9:44, and I have to start getting ready for work at 10, I won't work to make this a long, beautiful post that will impress, well, Mal. (Hi, Mal! You still reading?) But I wanted to point out a couple of things- A: work and social life have been ass-raping me to the point where I've barely been online, and this makes me feel bad because I haven't had the chance to reply to the e-mails of several people that I've really wanted to, so hang in there, I'll get back to you I swear. And, uh, B: Last night was the shit. Ben and Nick and- here's a shocker- Zack were over, and we had entirely too much fun hanging out in my room messing around with one of my...possesions. There was a beautiful quote of the day that I can't post, lest I should offend someone who wasn't even briefly related, and so I shall use the stand in quote of the day, though without context-
"If this thing were stiffer, I could duel you!"

With too much of the delicious detail of last night's seemingly drunken get together in my boudoir, I would give away a magnificiently evil plan that we conspired last night...can one "conspire" a plan, or do they conspire to come up with a plan? I'll never fucking know. Either way....when it's all done with, I will give all the detail I possibly can. It's gonna rock.

On with it.