Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Damn it! My update got erased! If it had been good at all, I'd be pissed at this point. Suffice to say

A- That last post was melodramatic bullshit.
B- Easter m&m's are pretty.
C- My life hasn't been interesting enough to update, or sometimes too interesting to update. So rarely in between.
D- I organized the m&m's by color in the bowl.
E- Kris keeps challenging mine and Casey's website, which I'm concerned may never happened, because Casey and I have lost momentum- AND become "weird"- however, things are looking up, because I've convinced him to skip school with my thursday.
F- There's more pink than everything else.
G- Zack and I have been playing a lot of basketball. I really love this sport.
H- The shells of m&m's are easier to bite off if you suck at them first.

And I'm pretty sure that was it. Why did I use letters instead of numbers there? I should sleep. Or something. Blah.

On with it.