Saturday, April 23, 2005

Just a few scattered thoughts:

Tuesday, while driving to school, I noticed that the Lewiston KFC had the following announcement up on it's sign (the part with the plastic interchangeable numbers):

"Happy 50th

I found this to be extremely endearing coming from a rival fast food restaurant, and had every intention of taking a picture next time I was there, but by Thursday, it was gone.

TBS needs to make more of those TBS 1-800-Funny commercials. Those fucking rocked.

Casey and his peeps, I guess have officially launched -ISM, a "new pluralist political magazine" at (but unaffiliated with) his college. It looks damned nice, very professional, and while knowing it's probably tainted by his crappy attempts at photoshopping takes away from it, I have every faith that it's gonna be a big hit. This, of course, means two things: We should all be congratulating him, and I've got to hurry the hell up to beat him to the "ultimate success in writing or a related field" finish line.

Check his site for the details.

Before the statute of limitations is up on this one, I guess I have to get the obligatory commentary on Sin City out of the way: I've seen it twice so far, once on opening day, and it rocked. There! You got it out of me!

Being mostly comprised of the right age and the right culture to have seen and appreciated Sin City, it seems bloggers feel as though they have some moral duty to report on their opinion of the work, which it's hard to describe without using the word "masterpiece." However, there's nothing I can say that you won't have heard before from anyone you know who's seen it, and if it you haven't seen it by now, you either will, and you'll know, or you won't, and you're an idiot. It's all good, either way.

So. It's done then. This milestone is finished. Now, when my great-grandchildren read my blog, they'll be all like "She saw that in the THEATERS? Awesome."


On with it.


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