Monday, April 25, 2005

Pit-inspired posting.

I haven't been to Something Awful for years now, but it still seems to rock. Gram, an regular of the second (third? fourth?) generation of Frank's pit (which I will not release the name of) has pointed out a link to a very funny article, entitled Jokes with Realistic Endings.

Frustrated with freeware, I vented a bit on the pit today, and since there is no joy in life quite like quoting one's self, I shall post that post here, verbatim.


Mon April 25 23:34:04 EST 2005
And while I'm on it...

All this goddamned software out there, offers itself up for free, then spends it's whole life guilting you into paying for it. It's like a martyr-complexed housewife.

I left home to escape this kind of passive-agressive bullshit, not to be pandered to when I'm trying to download The Dresden Dolls.


There's another simple boy in my life, not unlike The Fish Guy. Quiet. Uncomplicated. Simple-looking, simple-thinking, simple pleasure. I don't have a cute nickname for this one, yet: his name is Dan and he only looks good wearing a hat.

When I walk through the kitchen, I make a point to ram into him, and he rams back. I flick him, he flicks back. I poke him, he pokes back.

This is the perfect relationship.

I don't want to know a thing about him, I don't want him to know a thing about me. The more I know, the worse it gets-- I found out so far he's a religious Republican who really believes their were Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.


Still, he's a nice guy, and he looks at me and smiles and says nothing. And I haven't had the best luck with democrats, anyway.

My dog is barking. He doesn't like the Dresden Dolls, but I'm falling in love-- no, I shouldn't use that word. They'd hate that.

"The Perfect Fit" is every bit as good as "Coin Operated Boy", the only song I'd heard before tonight. It may well be better, but the latter is more universal. Doesn't matter. I don't much like sharing my musical feelings.

You wouldn't have guessed, would you have?

On with it.


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