Thursday, July 21, 2005

Congrats to Elorza on his acceptance to the absolutely enviable Columbia College in Chicago, where he has picked the Fiction Writing major (over competing, and equally intriguing, majors like Playwriting, Television Writing and Producing, Poetry, Journalism, Every other Writing you can think off, etc...) This pulls him into a near-tie with other forerunners like Jeff and Casey in the "Which of Linda's close friends and relations will be the first to have a book published or otherwise meet with some notable success in writing" race.

I still intend to bring home the flowery horse shoe thingy (don't worry, google image search didn't know what I meant, either) in this one, but it's looking less likely by the minute. Despite my ever-improving descriptive skills. (You know, the big flowery, wreath-y things they hang on the winning horse's neck. That thing.)

I'm still hoping David Sedaris is going to discover me one of these days, finding my blog having randomly searched for himself on google which, in case your wondering, is why that hyperlink of his name leads here. It just seems like something David Sedaris would do.

Support the effort to get David Sedaris to visit my blog by putting up a David Sedaris hyperlink that leads to my humble internet abode on your site today!

I'm wishing he'd put me in his next Children Playing before a Statue of Hercules-type project, or perhaps just e-mail me personally to start a dialogue about how to improve my writing. Of course, I'd never catch David Sedaris's eye with this kind of drivel; it is for this reason, and generally in the interest of best representing myself to the hundreds of new hits monthly who come mostly looking for Andy Milonakis lyrics (in the "Guest Writer" Section, though I have few) that I've decided I will soon be making a list of a few of my personal favorite entries to add to the sidebar. A little sampling of my A-material to wow the newcomers with, and make them forget all about Ducky Whores.

Because that's the kind of thing David Sedaris thinks about. On with it.


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