Monday, July 24, 2006

There are so many people I want to tell to go fuck themselves.

Please note, more than likely no two of the following statements are intended for the same person. Some of them may be intended for more than one. All of them are likely to be entirely unfair.

  • Fuck everyone who's making my decisions for me. Whose trying to protect me from them by keeping me safely out of their lives. Fuck the attempt to look altruistic by "sacrifice" when, in reality, you just don't want anything to do with me. Fuck myself for needing to believe that this is really what is happening.
  • Fuck people who are letting their potential go to hell because they're scared of the future. Fuck people who let their friends be their emotional crush for years because they feel badly about themselves as a result of this.
  • Fuck people who fall in love with motherfucking everyone with whom they have a false sense of connection with.
  • Fuck people who want to judge the way I deal with the things in my life that are painful. Fuck people who regard life with an undeserved sense of sanctity. Fuck people who minimize other people's problems, and fuck hypocrisy.
  • Fuck people who spend an entire night with you making you feel like finally, you've found a friend you can trust again, then decide out of nowhere that you're too complicated for them. Fuck people who won't tell you what they feel, who don't return e-mails or calls. Fuck the phone every time I come home not to have a message.
  • Fuck people who can't fucking be as smart as they fucking seem. Fuck people who come up with one good line then strategically reuse it over and over again and don't get caught. Fuck people whose intelligence doesn't extend to the real world where real people really get hurt.
  • Fuck people who act like they want to spend time with you but then never make the effort.
  • Fuck fucking everybody.

( Loose translation of above: Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.)

Not in the good way, either. On with it.