Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Okay, so I start taking this really cool quiz where you pick a band (preferrably your favorite) then fill out the whole survey with only lines from songs from that band. With two questions left to go, I realize that it actually says "Song Titles" not "Song Lines", and I've just majorly fucked up-- But I don't care! Doing this with song lines not only gave me an excuse to sit around and get back to basics listening to my band, but it also provided some interesting results, meaning that it came off far, far more cynical than I thought it would (and this is me talking.)

Choose a band/or artist and answer only in song lines by that band: Matchbox Twenty
Are you female or male: Girl Like That
Describe yourself: This cold girl, well, don't she make you want to scream "Damn."
How do some people feel about you: Man, I feel like hell, so come on over, be a love machine and I could be your friend.
How do you feel about yourself: I don't know if I've ever been really loved by a hand that's touched me, and I feel like something's gonna give.
Describe your ex girlfriend/boyfriend: I know soon you will be over the lies, you'll be strong, you'll be rich in love, you will carry on. But no, oh no; No, you won't be mine.
Describe your current girlfriend/boyfriend: You have been found out; I have been deceived by the one that I need.
Describe where you want to be: She got out of town on a railway, New York bound.
Describe what you want to be: You're laughing out loud at just the thought of being alive, and I was wondering: Could I just be you tonight?
Describe how you live: I'm so terrified of no one else but me, I'm here all the time, I won't go away.
Describe how you love: Never once did you think that they would lie when they're holding you, then you wonder why they haven't called, when they said they'd call you.
Share a few words of wisdom: What we lost here is something better left alone.

Here's the link to the original, I didn't use their code because the table it outputted was so fucking annoying, and between that and the titles/lines thing, it was just easier to do it this way.

Also, I'd like to take the oppurtunity to welcome you all to the new template: I'll be tweaking here and there and adding some features that I hope will add to functionality and appeal, all as one great big 5th anniversary present to the fabulous readers of this blog and to myself, without who's tireless efforts I never could have succeeded in broadcasting my irrelevant thoughts and bullshit angst for half a decade now. Go, me!

On with it.