Monday, October 16, 2006

A little bit of writer's block. Let's break through it with something list-y.

Linda Recommends:

  • Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Shave Gel for women who want a clean, bump-free shave know, the place where a woman wants a clean, bump-free shave. Ironically, this men's product works better in the bikini zone than the product called "Bikini Zone".
  • Tab Energy Drink, another female-friendly product, is the first consumable energy drink on the market, as far as I'm concerned, and the pinkest thing I've ever seen in my life-- it even tastes like pink. My bringing this up one day at my former workplace prompted an intersting discussion on what kinds of things "taste like pink", a list which included bologna, strawberry wine, and pepto bismo, but, until I intervened, completely omitted the obvious. ("What tastes like pink? Well, in my husband's experience, Neutrogena Men Razor Defense Shave Gel.")
  • Clicking the Flickr button in the newly-added "Family Obligations" section of my sidebar, and checking out the photography of my sister, known as CateForgotten to those in the online photography circuit (And as "Cathy, Queen of Everything" to those who were around during the weekend she got her wisdom teeth out.). To be honest, the range of Cathy's work begins with shots that might be labelled as contrived ("Let's make this photo black and white, except for in select places, where the color stands out! Surely, no one has thought of that before!"), but ends with vivid portraiture that captures the spirit of youth or simple shots that capture the slow pace of a life in a quiet, coastal town. (Browse My Favorites to see some of her best.)
  • Happy Penis Wild Cherry Flavored Massage Cream. Something else that tastes like pink.

Well, I couldn't end the list with a supportive, sentimental "Full House" moment. That'd be like Kim Anderson-level sappy.

Linda doesn't Recommend:

  • The 43 Things website. All week, I've been sitting on an entry I've been wanting to write about this website, a community site where people make a list of up to 43 things they want to accomplish in their lifetime, and then are linked to the other people who share a goal (350 people want to help make the world a better place, 807 people want to watch every episode of "Lost", etc.). I wanted to write a recommendation for the originality, as well as for the motivating quality that writing down your goals, and putting them out, for all to see, can have. However, I've discovered as I've been using it that this website has more technical glitches than a Milli Vanilli concert. I could deal with this much, but when I tried to report the problems, I've found that the typical technical support section (underestimated in all it's practicality) had been replaced by a relative clone of their home site, this time called 43 ideas, where people can list their suggestions and and grievances, and are, surprise surprse, linked to the other people who share an idea (117 people wants the 43 Things staff to add a friends list, at least one person wants 43 Things staff to go fuck thesmselves.) Seemingly, these people mastered exactly one website's worth of advanced coding and then went back to playing Super Smash Brothers.

However, I do recommend that you check out my favorite screenshots from my 43 things experience.

From the "Buy A House" Goal.
Ah, the American dream: Marriage, Kids, and Firefox.

My favorite part of this rather ironic mispelling situation is the top advertisment. "They can't spell 'college'? they have a tuition check?"

Willing to help.

It's gonna take me all freaking night to perfect that HTML. Fun fun.

On with it.

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