Monday, March 11, 2002

Friday's quote of the day (in italics):
Linda: (Upon examining Justin's astoundingly well done english worksheet) You know, Justin, frankly it surprises me sometimes how..mentally awake you are.
Justin: Huh?

One word, but a classic response, I think.

Linda: (Giving Jeff her half-and-half to drink) It's sorta like milk...but good.
Jeff: Hey! Milk does a body good.
Linda: (Sarcastically) Clearly.
Jeff: Not every body, obviously. (Getting weird look from Linda) Okay, I'll makes your bones strong. (Look of sudden realization that he's said the wrong thing.)

Saturday was without, considering I spent the entire day alone, but I did watch Bridget Jones' Diary, which was such an excellent movie that in the last scene I actually kissed the T.V. screen- yes, I know, I really shouldn't point these things out willingly- and was also compelled to go straight to my computer and discuss my love for the wonderful Mark Hayes character on this...which I quickly realized wasn't possible. It's been strange noticing how often I have the compulsion (NOT the word I'm lookign for....which pisses me off to no end, as situations where I can't find the word I really want to use always do) to use the computer, because they're constantly shot down now.

That said, I want my fucking computer back!

If it's not working by tomorrow night, all hell will break loose.

You watch.

On with it.