Monday, March 11, 2002

For those of you who have been kept on the edge of your proverbial seat wondering what had happened to my daily, or sometimes more than daily, posts over this weekend, I explain myself with the fact that I have, in fact, a virus on my home computer...more on this in a moment.

And, in that moment I have just helped Mr. Leighton install a hit counter on his brand new blog. My theory is proven- As far as blogs, specifically, I definitely started a trend- I believe he's the fourth to start a blog since I started mine...though I could be missing someone.

To go back to the virus...well, there isn't much to say. It's a virus, which is consistently ass-raping my system. (A quote of mine from a few years back- and how deliciously arrogant it is to quote yourself!- applies here: "Satan needs to get his red, flaming, property-of-Bill-Gates dick out of my A drive!" was amusing the first time I said it.)

At any rate, since I'm sure you all are just DYING to know what happened over the weekend, I'll fill you in- Saw Jeff friday night, which turned into an interesting....taste-test session (infer what you will), did....I think absolutely nothing on Saturday....except trying to fix the computer- holy shit! How much computer fixing has been going on! I tried for four hours friday, about six saturday, and didn't fucking bother yesterday, but will continue after I see Mr. Ladd today. I was getting monumentally bored as I was doing it, and without being able to listen to MP3's or play any games, just having to sit there and press any key when it was nessecary, my mind became somewhat soft and I sunk into amusing myself via calling 1-800-HOT-SLUT, 1-800-GAY-STUD (etc.) and listening to advertisement after advertisement for their corresponding 900 numbers. (Is suddenly in a hurry because of lunch.) Sunday, Jeff, obviously.....and Jenn Before that to Wal*Mart (Saw Mr. Sautter).

I'll post past quotes of the days after lunch...if I can remember them.

On with it.