Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Gah! I wrote something on dysphorena, decided it was better suited for here, went to copy and paste it and apparently messed up, so I'll have to rewrite the whole thing again:

The story of King Solomon is as follows: Two women, both staking claim to an infant, go to the reputedly wise King to ask his advice in settling their dispute. Upon hearing their story, the King's advice is simply that they cut the child down the middle and each take half. Unable to bear the thought of causing the baby so much harm, one woman insists that, instead, they baby should merely be given to the other. King Solomon than declares that she- who forfeited her claim for the child's sake- is the true mother, for only the true mother would value the baby's welfare so unselfishly.

As it happens, there was also a version of this story told on the old Nickolodeon Show, Salute Your Shorts, involving a prize-winning frog and two campers. Damn, I miss that show.

Ultimately, it is a story about two people who want something, and the one that loves it more is the one who is willing to give it up for it's own sake. Without giving too much detail, there is a fairly similar situation conspiring for me right now. Both sides have there merits, but in the end, who would you want to be with? The one who cares more about you and your welfare than about themselves, or someone who'd be contented to spill your froggy guts across the cabin? (Note: this is an unfair comparison to make, I was going for juxtaposition....which is a rather bitterly ironic word to use in this.)

Choices can be difficult....but according to at least one person, I'm "too good to worry."

God, I love you.

On with it.