Sunday, June 16, 2002

I'm sick of looking for boobs. That's right. You heard me. SICK OF IT.

I'm looking for a nice set to use in a banner advertisement I'm making for the future site of the newsletter- the building of which is distracting me from trivial things like writing it- and this is a MUCH HARDER task than you'd think. I got naked tits galore, but what I want is a nice cleavage shot. It's getting tedious, and who wants the act of looking at boobs to get tedious. Since anything that works for me is illegal to use, I've made an executive decision- this will be Ilsa and Buttercup's internet debut.

I'm going over to Shawn's one of these days, we're going to do our best to get the image of my (bra-clad) tits online. That's right. Shawn S., full pass to Buttercup and Ilsa in lingerie. You know you're jealous.

Fuck that. I think half the state has seen 'em in a bra. It's getting that off that's the trick...well...not really. Fuck it.

On with it.