Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Okay, Kris would like to point out that not only am I a wimp, I'm a wimp who gets Hindus and Buddhists mixed up. He's probably off praying to Allah that I get my act together before he tries to take me to temple with his family Christmas day for the annual sacrifice of a black cat to the Earth gods.

He also decided to say something that I think he hopes I'll construe as insightful- "Know what just hit me... If you weren't as confused or sad as you are... you wouldn't sad OR confused... Try it some time, I think you might be happy from it..."

You know Kris, I got some insight for you, too- Sadness comes and goes, but confusion is somethign that pretty much stays with us forever. Bank on that!

Still looking for someone to go skydiving with me on my birthday...c'mon....you know you want to.

On with it....