Thursday, August 29, 2002

The biggest, best laugh of the week is today's quote of the day, coming directly to us from The Pit, as supplied by Mal-

"Wed Aug 28 21:04:26 GMT 2002
(from:) Mal
(to:) Suede

How do you possibly put up with this guy?

Gag him with a sock and pretend he's a mute?

Tell him to 'shut up and lick' as soon as he walks through the door?

Pretend he's speaking in figurative language and invent intelligent, symbolic meanings for winners like 'Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...I love big bold letters' ??

Come now, enquiring minds want to know."

He is referring, as none of you will know, to Zack, who's pit personality- Phillis- is not exactly everyone's favorite guy, as he basically stops in once in a while to post random bullshit punctuated entirely with ellipses (...) and making no sense to the outside world whatsoever. Mal, who has so far taken offense to every romantic interest of mine who wanders into the pit- including "Pedia" or "Einsames" (Jeff), with whom he fought for days over...well, it started off as Metallica, then became several different issues entirely, and "Tactless Wonder" (Chad), who never really did anything to anybody, but whom I seem to remember Mal having at least one run in with- is the number one anti-phillis of the pit. Seemingly, Mal just thinks I can do better than these people.

But, Mal baby, you're married. Everything better's already taken, remember?

(For the sake of my readers, I must inform that that is hardly a serious comment- Mal and I have a symbiotic relationship which involves mutual ego-stroking and long-winded writing talks, as well as the occasional arrogant piss-duel. But I love my demon, just the same.)

So, yes, as they say on the pit. "*cack* @ Mal".

And as they say here, "on with it."