Saturday, August 31, 2002

FieryGwenivere: Zack's fine
Mitch: thats good
Mitch: he's in my study hall
FieryGwenivere: is he then? nice
FieryGwenivere: when's that?
Mitch: 7 th period
FieryGwenivere: which moniter?
Mitch: Mrs B
FieryGwenivere: nice. I'll have to come visit you both sometime
Mitch: excellent. while you're at it, you can vsit becky too
Mitch: she sits right next to me
Mitch: did that drop the idea?
FieryGwenivere: Why would it? I like Becky
Mitch: thats good
FieryGwenivere: she made me nervous at first, but all girlfriends do that. And as far as they go, she's one of the cooler ones I've met
Mitch: thats good to know
FieryGwenivere: you must keep in mind, I'm not out to attempt to seduce you or whatever simply because I happen to find you attractive. I happen to find a lot of people attractive
Mitch: no matter what, you're comming to my weding and you're gonna dance with me

I find that awesome. Mitch is so great. He and I had a conversation a while back during which he asked if I was attracted to him and I told him, essentially, yes, but he's too good of a friend for me to ever hit on- as more than friends, we would have no chance, no future, no anything. He seems to have taken the conversation as indication that he needs to point out, every chance he gets, that he has a girlfriend, but I'm not about to hit on Mitch. The fact that he would go so far to be tactful, though, is adorable, as is just the idea of dancing at him with his wedding....even just BEING at his wedding. I love that he values me so much.

And on an even better note, my long, albeit undocumented, search for someone to accompany me to New York has seemingly come to an end- Heather, a friend of mine that, as of late, I have had somewhat unsatisfactory amounts of contact with, will be my travelling partner. Now all I have to do is make the reservations for the hotel and by bus tickets, as well as tickets to "Rent". The fact that I'm going to see "Rent" has not just a few people very jealous of me. Originally, the Broadway tickets were intended just to bribe Jenn to come accompany me so that I would be able to be there for the reason I really want to be there- the first anniversary of september 11th. Jenn, however, declined the idea of going to that and said we should save our travels for another time, so I then invited Emily, who entertained the idea for a short time but ultimately said no. Heather, as of yet, doesn't know of my plans to devote at least a few hours to whatever ceremony the city will be holding, but since I am paying for 75, if not 80 or 90 percent of the trip, I doubt she'll be uncooperative.

Speaking of paying for things, I must go work towards funding this trip. It's my first overnight shift at Burger King, and I look forward to ten straight hours alone with some manager from another store named "Mike". I also look forward to using up the batteries on my cd player.

So good to be detachted from the world around you...and payed for it! On with it.