Thursday, January 29, 2004

Here's a website offering the work of a wannabe cartoonist who clearly couldn't find a publisher so he printed his garbage on T-Shirts and now makes a profit hocking this crap to the dregs of human kind. And now I'm an affiliate!

A few of my...well, I guess "favorites" is the word in question here, but it kinda makes me shudder:

I guess it's his...fresh sense of humor and delightful turn of phrase that endears him to his customers? No? All I can say is this guy would have made a killing in the calendar business. Like every other satan-sucking, dime-nabbing, soul-killing used douchebag of a commercial artist out there. I'm looking in your direction, Mary Englebreit.

Working at a mall during the holidays can really put you in a mood. But it's nothing that can be remedied by laughing at the humorous failings of others.

For instance, this comic:

It's all the fun of kicking an injured midget down the stairs. And now, you can get it on a T-Shirt! Isn't capitalism great?

On with it.