Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I always thought it was kinda strange when I saw my friends receiving e-mails from their own parents. I suppose if you're off at college or far away it makes sense, but these were people who lived with them. It's bad enough to have to avoid your parents in real life, but on the web, too? Inhumane!

It kinda makes you think about how desperate parents are to really connect with their kids at a certain age. They don't know how to relate, so they do it electronically (a magical fairyland where people too awkward to have flesh-and-blood relationships come together in a dizzying spectacle of grammatical cum shots, overused emoticons, and things far too banal to be on a webpage, but are.) In this way, they hope to get some sort of message across to their kids, despite their inability to share them in person: messages of love, messages of hope, messages of regret.

My dad's got my e-mail address now; his special messages come in the form of "humorous" forwards. This is his latest message:

Biker chicks.

And thus, the generational gap is bridged.

On with it.